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Waivers Of Inadmissability

waiver of inadmissability attorney Utah

Waiver Of Inadmissability Attorney Utah

If you are or have ever been unlawfully present in the United States, you may have a bar of admissibility on your immigration record.  Since each case has different circumstances , it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney prior to entering or leaving the country.  You may be eligible to waive your inadmissibility to either remain or reenter the United States.

Provisional Waiver of Inadmissibility (I-601A)

In come cases, a person may be eligible to file for a Provisional Waiver (I-601A) prior to leaving the United States for the interview at the US Consulate.  In order to obtain the Waiver for Inadmissibility, it is necessary to convince US CIS that a qualifying family member (US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) spouse or parent) will suffer “extreme hardship” if the immigrant is forced to remain in their country of origin and unable to return to the United States.  The applicant can file the Waiver (I-601A) and wait for the adjudication of the Waiver all while he or she is in the United States. 


Waivers and Request for Admission (I-601)

If you are inadmissible to the United States and are seeking an immigrant visa, adjustment of status, certain nonimmigrant statuses, or certain other immigration benefits, you may be required to file a Waiver of certain grounds of inadmissibility.


Permission to Reapply for Admission After Deportation or Removal (I-212)

In some cases, the government may require you to ask for consent to reapply for admission to the Unites States, so that you can lawfully enter the United States.  Each case is different and should be carefully reviewed by an attorney.


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