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Utah Immigration Attorneys

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Why Utah Immigration Attorneys?

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Specialized expertise: Utah Immigration Attorneys have specialized expertise in immigration law. They are well-versed in the complex and ever-changing laws and regulations governing immigration in the United States. Their knowledge and experience allow them to provide high-quality legal services to clients, ensuring that they achieve their immigration goals.

Utah Immigration Attorneys provide personalized service to their clients. They take the time to understand their clients’ unique situations and goals and work closely with them to develop a customized legal strategy. They are committed to providing their clients with the individual attention and support they need to navigate the complex immigration process.

Utah Immigration Attorneys have a proven track record of success. They have helped countless individuals and families achieve their immigration goals, whether it be obtaining a visa, permanent residency, or citizenship. Their success is a testament to their expertise, dedication, and commitment to their clients.

Utah Immigration Attorneys have a strong reputation within the legal community. They are known for their professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct. They are respected by judges, government officials, and other attorneys, which can be invaluable when navigating the immigration process.

Utah Immigration Attorneys have local knowledge of the Utah legal system and immigration processes. They understand the unique challenges facing immigrants in Utah and are well-equipped to help clients overcome these challenges.

Overall, Utah Immigration Attorneys are the attorneys to choose for immigration law in Utah because of their specialized expertise, personalized service, proven track record, strong reputation, and local knowledge. If you need assistance with an immigration matter in Utah, they are the best choice for achieving your immigration goals.

Immigration Law Practice Areas

asylum Utah immigration law


Asylum is a legal status granted to individuals who have fled their home country due to fear of persecution. Asylum seekers must apply for asylum protection within one (1) years of entering the United States. This process can be overwhelming. A detailed review of your circumstances can help determine if you are eligible for apply for asylum.

Daca attorney utah


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) is still available for renewals. However, new ‘initial’ applications will be accepted by US CIS, but the government cannot process the new ‘initial’ DACA applications due to pending Court litigation and thus, the application will be pending until the Federal Court has made a determination.

employment visa Utah immigration law

Employment-Based Visas

These visas provide opportunities for foreign workers to contribute to the local economy and for companies to fill skill gaps in their workforce. Employment-based visas often require extensive documentation. Depending on the type of Visa, this documentation may include proof of education, work experience, information about the business, and sponsorship from the employer.

family based immigration Utah immigration law

Family-Based Immigration & Visas

Family-based immigration allows for close relatives of US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents to rejoin their families in the United States. If you are an US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (Green Card holder), then your family members may be eligible to receive certain immigration benefits.

K-1 fiance visas Attorney Utah

Fiancé(e) Visas

The fiancé(e) visa allows the your future spouse to come to this country for the purpose of getting married. These visas require extensive documentation, including proof of the relationship, proof of meeting 'in-person' within two (2) years, and more. Your future spouse will be eligible to file for adjustment of status after getting married.

US Citizenship naturalization Utah Immigration attorney

Naturalization & US Citizenship

It is important that all eligible persons apply for naturalization and obtain their citizenship. Citizenship is available to those persons who are Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders) and meet certain requirements, as required by law.

parole in place immigration attorney Utah


Parole in place (PIP) is available to certain undocumented family members of U.S. military personnel (active or veterans). This primarily helps those family members, who entered the US illegally. By applying for Parole in Place (PIP), the immigrant is considered to have been “paroled” into the country and therefore, considered having a legal entry into the United States.

removal deportation defense Utah immigration law


Legal process in which an individual seeks to prevent their removal, also known as deportation, from the United States. If you are currently in immigration proceedings, then an experienced lawyer is recommended to determine what relief is available to you.

special immigrant juvenile visa attorney utah


Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (“SIJS”) is a mechanism for obtaining legal status for certain “unaccompanied minors” in the United States. “Unaccompanied minors” do not have parents with them or some cases, only one (1) parent may be absent.

temporary protective status attorney utah


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) is still available for renewals. However, new ‘initial’ applications will be accepted by US CIS, but the government cannot process the new ‘initial’ DACA applications due to pending Court litigation and thus, the application will be pending until the Federal Court has made a determination.

u visas attorney utah


The U nonimmigrant status (U Visa) is set aside for victims of certain crimes who have suffered mental or physical abuse and are helpful to law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.

waiver of inadmissability attorney Utah


If you are or have ever been unlawfully present in the United States, you may have a bar of admissibility on your immigration record. Since each case has different circumstances, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced immigration attorney prior to entering or leaving the country.

Law Firm Practice Areas

Immigration Law

Immigration cases that involve immigrant and nonimmigrant, family and business, deportation/removal, etc.

Criminal Defense

Criminal cases that involve impaired driving (DUI), drug, traffic, etc.

Estate Planning

In addition, we provide many other legal services to handle your various legal needs.

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